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"Ready, Set, Sew!"
by Med Welch
(timeless sewing tips)

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Med's Sewing Tips for Doll Clothes

1. Licensed Fabrics

Did you know that licensed fabrics, i.e. Disney themes, Mary Engelbreit, Warner Bros., etc. MAY NOT BE MADE INTO ITEMS AND RESOLD? In other words, if you buy the fabric, you can only make items for your own use or to be given for gifts. No money exchange. I was not aware of this until recently.

Do I think someone will grab you if you don't follow these laws, probably not, but why would you want to knowingly break the law.
If you know of any other laws such as this, please send them to me and I'll post them here for others' benefit. Thanks, Med.

2. Amount of Fabric for typical Doll's Dress

I'm always on the lookout for fabric. When I find a fabric that is the right scale, color and texture, I buy it!

Surprise right? But, what I do is just a little different. As I am making garments for the American Girl doll and other 18" dolls, I buy 1-1/4 yards, because that allows me to KNOW that I can get 2 garments from the piece.

If I buy just 1 yard, I've often been blocked from making the second garment of choice because I needed just a smidgen more. This is often the case when plaids or repetitive prints are in the picture and matching the design is imperative. Thanks, Med.

3. Changing Needles

When I was younger, sewing at my mother's side, I can't remember her changing needles unless she broke one. I was curious as to why this was. When I asked her about it, she gave me the answer. She said that she sewed mostly on NATURAL FIBERS!! When you think about it, she's right. Synthetic fibers absolutely dull needles. So, I change my needles at least every other lengthy sewing session, Try this, you will glad you did.

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