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"Ready, Set, Sew!"
by Med Welch
(timeless sewing tips)

Available Soon!

About Us

   As this page suggests, this is about us, but namely me, Med Welch. I am going to share some of my background with you.

   I am the mother of a beautiful grown daughter, Erin, and the grandmother of a terrific granddaughter, Sydney.

   Working with my hands has always been a joy of mine and I love to create things by painting, sewing, working in clay, wood, leather or any other medium that interests me.

   I was blessed with the support of a very generous husband which allowed me to be at home and raise our daughter; consequently, I was free to pursue many healthy and diverse interests.

   I studied painting, dress design, pattern making, garment construction, tailoring, interior design/decorating, wood working, cooking, gardening, tennis and anything else that caught my fancy.
   I even went to college and received a degree in, what else, Liberal Arts. I loved every course I took. Yes, even statistics!

   I have had a small full-service decorating business for a number of years where I specialize in custom window treatments, bed fashions, table linens, lampshades, upholstery, etc. As I mentioned on the Home Page, this is for another website.

   I belonged to the American Sewing Guild, Indianapolis Chapter, for many years where I not only learned a great deal from my fellow members; but, I also had the priviledge of conducting workshops on various sewing/tailoring techniques,design/decorating applications and other interesting things.

   Buying the American Girl Doll for Sydney was my opportunity to consolidate all my interests in the design world by designing and creating outfits and furniture for this adorable doll. I also love being able to offer shoes, hose, accessories, etc. for the dolls.

   I conduct seminars on how to construct these doll clothes with designer details. I have an English Doll Shoppe as the background for the presentation and the whole thing is JUST TOO FUN!

   So, please, come in, the place is new and will get better. Sign up for our newsletter, check out my ebooks about 'doll' related subjects, buy a pattern or two, get sewin’ and have fun!

   Thanks for stopping by.


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